100% pure Taste!

No additives, no colorants
& no artificial flavours.

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Funky Soul Spices

Inspired by Street food & World cuisine recipes. Our Funky Soul Spices are “FLAVOR BOMBS” in ready-made spice mixes. 

🌶️ Authentic food expierences 
🌶️ Easy to use
🌶️ Healthy & tasty 
🌶️ Feel inspired to try new recipes
🌶️ Enjoy delicious meals

From home cook to professional chef, our easy-to-use seasonings are made for everyone.

Best flavours and spice blends developed by our taste experts. 

100% Pure taste! No additives! 

Bring Soul
To Your Meals

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Eating in is the new eating out


Alicia Soos
Alicia Soos@egg_salad_on_toast
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These spices are my fave!!!! Grab any of the flavors. You won't be disappointed. I really do use the chili bomb on everything! @funkysoulspices
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Think I need to purchase more of these seasonings, the salt and chili pepper one is sooooo good!
😍 😍 😍
Sila Azzouz
Sila Azzouz@Sila.azzouz
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1) Great taste 2) Nice packaging 3) Price / quality ✅✅✅ I experience very good product quality. The taste of the Funky Soul spices is not too strong, but is just strong enough to give a special touch to your dish. Usually if you choose quality, you also pay a lot, but the Funky Soul Spices are accessible to everyone! Recommended!


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